[OAI-implementers] OAI4J - a PMH and ORE library in Java

James Rutherford james.rutherford at hp.com
Mon Mar 10 12:24:26 EDT 2008

Hi Oskar,

On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 03:40:01PM +0000, Oskar Grenholm wrote:
> To add to this I have also implemented a first (basic) version of a
> Java API for OAI-ORE (according to the specs available at the
> moment), since I got home from the ORE rollout last week. The idea
> here is that you have classses that represents ResourceMap,
> Aggregation and AggregatedResource on which you can call different
> methods to get or set data. There are also a ResourceMapFactory
> interface and a ResourceMapSerializer interface. You can then have
> implementations of those to parse and serialize REMs to different
> formats, i.e Atom and RDF/XML. At the moment only an AtomFactory and
> an AtomSerializer are implemented (since I feel my knowledge of RDF
> is not up to speed).
> So with this API you could build (or parse exsting) ResourceMaps and
> then do work on them programmatically and finally serialize them (or
> act upon them as you wish).

Sounds great.

> I am thinking of releasing it as open-source and have it available on
> Sourceforge. So now my question to all of you is, would anyone be
> interrested in this? To use or perhaps just help out a little and
> give feedback on?

Consider me interested :) I'd certainly like to take a look at what you
have, and may be able to contribute in some way.



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