[OAI-implementers] OAI4J - a PMH and ORE library in Java

Oskar Grenholm Oskar.Grenholm at kb.se
Mon Mar 10 11:40:01 EDT 2008

Hi everyone!

My name is Oskar Grenholm and I work as a programmer at The National  
Library of Sweden.

Due to the fact that I couldn't find a nice Java library for  
harvesting OAI-PMH records (in an OO fashion) I wrote my own some  
time ago. This API tries to use a more object-oriented, Java approach  
to harvesting and parsing the results than for example oaiharvester2  
from OCLC (but in fact it uses oaiharvester2 to do the low-level work  
and then builds a new interface on top of that). All the different  
responses are implemented as Java classes that has getters that can  
parse out the relevant information (instead of just getting a W3C Xml  
Document back from oaiharvester2).

To add to this I have also implemented a first (basic) version of a  
Java API for OAI-ORE (according to the specs available at the  
moment), since I got home from the ORE rollout last week. The idea  
here is that you have classses that represents ResourceMap,  
Aggregation and AggregatedResource on which you can call different  
methods to get or set data. There are also a ResourceMapFactory  
interface and a ResourceMapSerializer interface. You can then have  
implementations of those to parse and serialize REMs to different  
formats, i.e Atom and RDF/XML. At the moment only an AtomFactory and  
an AtomSerializer are implemented (since I feel my knowledge of RDF  
is not up to speed).

So with this API you could build (or parse exsting) ResourceMaps and  
then do work on them programmatically and finally serialize them (or  
act upon them as you wish).

I am thinking of releasing it as open-source and have it available on  
Sourceforge. So now my question to all of you is, would anyone be  
interrested in this? To use or perhaps just help out a little and  
give feedback on?

Best regards,
Oskar Grenholm

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