[OAI-implementers] Is there a plan for the soap/Web services/UDDI form of OAI?

Wang Liang wangliang_f at 163.com
Mon Jan 17 22:51:26 EST 2005

=A1=A1  When integrating metadata by OAI in a project of our library, we =
Web services to envelop OAI interface. Maybe the main advantage of =
services/UDDI vs. HTTP/CGI is that the former provides a very easy =
method to
realize OAI. The Repository just needs define some functions and =
consider the details of bottom protocol. And the harvester can apply the
interface just like using win API.=20

=A1=A1We found some other libraries also apply this method to realize =
OAI, but
have different forms. It may bring some troubles when using in wide =
In fact, SOAP/WDSL/UDDI can provide a complete set of functions for the
registry/realize/cite of OAI. Some other interoperability protocols like
Z39.50 (ZING) began its Web services trip years ago. So I want to know
whether there is a plan for soap/Web services/UDDI form of OAI.=20

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