[OAI-implementers] User Specific Archive Access

Thomas Krichel krichel@openlib.org
Tue, 22 Apr 2003 08:25:29 -0500

  Michael Krot writes

> Users will only be able to harvest metadata for those journals that
> they have subscribed to - that should be a problem I can handle.
> Things get tricky when we start to look at what is available WITHIN
> the journal.  Some users will have access to the entire journal from
> start to finish, other users will only have access to records up
> until a certain year (usually 5 years before the present year).

  In the OAI model, users do not havest. Service providers 
  harvest. Users use service providers. Service providers
  (or intermediate collections such as RePEc) will need to
  have whole set of metadata, irrespective of end users,
  because if they have no subscription, they have no data
  to start to provide a service with. Service providers
  will have to warn users that content access may depend on
  them having a subscription. BTW, RePEc already includes
  JSTOR links. Richer metadata from JSTOR would be much 
  welcome. In particular, we would be interested in 
  full-text links for various types of full text, and
  in classification data, and precise citation data, as
  precise as you have captured it.


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