[OAI-implementers] need help in understanding handling of non-dc records

Thomas Krichel krichel at openlib.org
Mon Jun 28 04:56:30 EDT 2010

  Neil Godfrey writes

> How does the OAI service provider handle that longer MODS/TEI record?

  There is no rule in the book on how to do this. 

> I understand that the OAIPMH service provider asks for a list of all
> metadata formats. Once it gets those, what does it do with them?

  It can then check what records are available in what

> Does or can the Service Provider also upload this longer record?

  You mean download from the data provider? Service providers
  don't normally upload records. 

> Or does it just link/point to it on site from the brief DC record?

  I for one would try to find the most expressive format and
  then try to make sense of it. It is probably easier to make
  sense of a richer format than to make sense of DC, since DC
  has a lot of semantic ambiguity.
> Also, does that longer record necessarily have to be in XML format?



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