[OAI-implementers] need help in understanding handling of non-dc records

Neil Godfrey neilgodfrey1 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 02:22:24 EDT 2010

I have been instructed to redirect the following query to this list.

I am attempting to understand what happens with non-DC records in an OAI-PMH
server, since the OAI-PMH protocol encourages richer metadata records in
addition to those in simple DC. I am not a OAI implementer so would
appreciate an explanation for a non-technical person.

OAI-PMH encourages making metadata records available in formats other than
Simple DC (as well as in Simple DC)

Suppose in addition to having the brief OAI DC record as the OAI data
provider, we also have a longer record, say in TEI or MODS, from which the
brief OAI DC record was extracted.

How does the OAI service provider handle that longer MODS/TEI record? I
understand that the OAIPMH service provider asks for a list of all metadata
formats. Once it gets those, what does it do with them?

Does or can the Service Provider also upload this longer record? Or does it
just link/point to it on site  from the brief DC record?

Also, does that longer record necessarily have to be in XML format?

Many thanks
Neil Godfrey
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