[OAI-implementers] Inquiry!!!

arslan javed ajaved@usc.edu
Thu, 19 Sep 2002 01:30:48 -0700

   Can any one give me an idea of what exactly is contained in the meta-data.
My task is to harvest data from  4 data-bases and then make avaiable the contents on the website.According to the design the harvestor will refresh the data from the db after 1 week.Now will i keep the meta-data in some database so that when ever a user comes and requets for some data he doesnt have to again connect to all the databases to serach for the particular content.All that is to be done is that the web-site will connect to the harvestor which will contain the meta-data in db and then according to meta-data it will connect to particular db or the meta-data contains actual contents which can be used without connecting to the db for one-week.The main confusion i have is on the elaboration of meta-data.

If any one can help me in this regard i will be thankful.