Relation Types used in the ResourceSync Framework

10 Aug 2016

This document:
Martin Klein, Herbert Van de Sompel - Los Alamos National Laboratory
Simeon Warner - Cornell University
Graham Klyne - University of Oxford
Bernhard Haslhofer - University of Vienna
Michael Nelson - Old Dominion University
Carl Lagoze - University of Michigan
Robert Sanderson - The Getty

Overview of Relation Types used in the ResourceSync Framework

This document lists relation types used in and with the ResourceSync Framework Specifications. Over time, additional relation types may be added if communities wish to use relation types not mentioned here previously. Table 1 gives an overview of all relation types, the specification in which they are defined and from which ResourceSync inherits their semantics. The table also provides references to the specification section in which the use of the corresponding relation type is shown.

Feedback to this document as well as to the ResourceSync specification is most welcome on the ResourceSync Google Group. We also invite communities to email requests to this group if they want relation types they use in their implementation listed here in this document.

Relation TypeSpecificationSection
    <rs:ln rel="...">
                         archives HTML 5 Section 2 (Archives Spec) and following
                         describedby Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER): Description Resources Section 6
                         index HTML 4 Section 8.2
Section 10.2
                         up RFC5988 Section 8.1 and following
        <rs:ln rel="...">
                             alternate HTML 5 Section 12.2
                             canonical RFC6596 Section 12.2
                             collection RFC6573 Section 12.6
                             contents HTML 4 Section 9.1
Section 11.1
                             describedby Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER): Description Resources Section 12.4
                             describes The 'describes' Link Relation Type Section 12.4
                             duplicate RFC6249 Section 12.1
                    This specification Section 12.3
                             memento RFC7089 Section 12.5
                             timegate RFC7089 Section 12.5
                             via RFC4287 Section 12.7

Table 1: Relation types used in the ResourceSync framework


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