[OAI-implementers] validation of OAI response

John Weatherley jweather at ucar.edu
Thu Apr 15 22:44:03 EDT 2010


You might try a different tool for validation. Many tools will
automatically fetch all schemas that are referenced in the instance
document and apply them to the element on which they appear.

A number of validation tools are listed here, although this list is a bit


 - john

> hi and thanks,
> did you import the oai_dc.xsd in the OAI-PMH.xsd? I can only get the
> jOAI response to validate if I add the oai-dc XMLschema to OAI-PMH.xsd
> using
> 	<import namespace="http://www.openarchives.org/OAI/2.0/oai_dc/"
> schemaLocation="oai_dc.xsd"/>
> This is fine for this purpose here, but I'm wondering what a generic
> solution would look like. Since any namespace can occur inside
> <setDescription> I cannot import them all in OAI-PMH.xsd.
> thanks
> Timo

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