[OAI-implementers] Are URL parameters identifying an OAI repository valid?

Michael Nelson mln at cs.odu.edu
Wed Jul 22 16:42:11 EDT 2009


Strictly speaking, you should not have extra arguments like:


Some clients & servers might let you get away with doing that, but not all 
will.  And you'll appear to have 1 baseURL instead of 2.

It is pretty easy to use something like mod_rewrite 
(http://www.modrewrite.com/) to expose the above urls as:


this way you have 2 distinct baseURLs and none of the external OAI tools 
get confused, but you could still have 1 script that handles everything.



On Wed, 22 Jul 2009, Osisek, Eric wrote:

> Greetings,
> We are building an application which can have multiple OAI repositories accessible
> through the same Java Servelet, and are looking for a way to differentiate between
> them.  Our current thought is to pass a GET parameter in the URL to the Servelet
> indicating which OAI repository to access, but I wanted to confirm that this
> wouldn’t get mixed up in the OAI parameters and thus result in invalid
> repositories.  Our plan would result in URLs similar to the following  for two
> distinct OAI repositories:
> http://www.domain.com/oai?id=1
> http://www.domain.com/oai?id=2
> Requests to these repositories would then look like this:
> http://www.domain.com/oai?id=1&verb=identify
> http://www.domain.com/oai?id=2&verb=identify
> Is this valid?
> Thanks,
>    Eric Osisek

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