[OAI-implementers] [ANN] OAI4J released as Open Source

Oskar Grenholm Oskar.Grenholm at kb.se
Wed Mar 19 15:21:23 EDT 2008

Hi everybody!

The National Library of Sweden has released OAI4J, a client library for OAI-PMH and OAI-ORE written in Java, as Open Source. The project is hosted on Sourceforge and can be found at:


There you can find links to a binary download, Java documentation for the API and some examples to get you started. The source code can also be found and downloaded with the help of Subversion. 

OAI4J is released as Open Source under the Apache License, version 2.0.

   * Convenient Java API that lets you perform queries and handle the harvested data in 
     an object-oriented fashion.
   * Handles all the verbs and responses of OAI-PMH.    

   * Lets you create and build Resource Maps from scratch programmatically.
   * Handles parsing of existing Resource Maps written as Atom feeds.
   * Allows Resource Map objects to be serialized into Atom feeds.
   * Could be extended to also handle RDF/XML parsing/serialization.

Any comments, questions or other feedback are appreciated. But for the coming days I will be out of the office, so e-mails might not get answered until mid-next week. 

Best regards,
Oskar Grenholm
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