[OAI-implementers] Iplementing the OAI-PMH

Kat Hagedorn khage at umich.edu
Tue Mar 4 11:38:56 EST 2008

PKP OJS is not an easy system to figure out the OAI baseURL from. The best I
can do is offer you examples to try (all these should work):

I hope that helps. I think in the long run the best thing to do is contact
the owners of PKP OJS and ask them what is the appropriate baseURL to use.


On 3/4/08 3:16 AM, "othman abdelkarim" <oabdelkarim at kau.edu.sa> wrote:

>  Dear Madam/Ms/Sir;
>    We would like to register our site for  indexing using the OAI-PMH as a
> vital step in adopting the PKP OJS system.
> How can we confiugre our OAI Base URL  so as to suit the archive metadata as
> we always get an invalid OAI URL?
> Are there any charges for using the ListRecords as an indexing method and the
> Dublin core as a Metadata Format?
> Thanks in advance for your replies;
>  Regards
>      Osman Abdelkarim
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