[OAI-implementers] Time stamp preventing OAI harvest?

Hutchinson, Alvin HUTCHINSONA at si.edu
Tue Feb 19 14:33:32 EST 2008

I have been trying to run the conformance test for my repository as a
data provider using the tool at


I enter my URL and the site passes the first test. I click on the link
provided in the acknowledgement email and during phase two, the message
I get back is that my server is throwing an HTTP 500 error.


And if I use the following link on my own:

I do indeed get an HTTP 500 error


But when I include the timestamp as in:

It returns the data seemingly without any problem.


My oaicat.properties file contains the time stamp listed above
(2006-05-15) but the conformance test tool does not seem to recognize
it. Is there something else I need to do to conform, pass the validation
and set up my repository as a data provider?


I have considered searching the OAI implementers archive but an
exhaustive search it would require opening each month's messages one at
a time (unless I'm missing something).


Thanks in advance for any advice,


Alvin Hutchinson

Smithsonian Institution Libraries

(202) 633-1031


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