[OAI-implementers] DIY OAI: Allowing anyone to be a data provider

Kat Hagedorn khage at umich.edu
Thu Sep 27 13:53:35 EDT 2007

I would also put in a plug for building a Static Repository, designed for
those without the resources for developing their own OAI repository. There's
information on the openarchives.org site:
and also on the OAI Best Practices site:

Tom Habing at UIUC has also created a FilemakerPro tool (thabing at uiuc dot
edu), and folks at Emory have created a Metadata Migrator
(www.metascholar.org/sw/mm/) tool for mapping records to OAI.


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On 9/26/07 4:23 PM, "Farrell,Gabriel" <gsf24 at drexel.edu> wrote:

> Hi Gavin,
> Just saw the following message.  If you're interested in such things,
> and by the looks of it you are, you might want to stop by #code4lib on
> freenode.  Lots of people in there dealing with data-transmission
> standards and information-access challenges in all kinds of
> environments.  There's also a pretty active code4lib mailing list.
> My own opinion is if you're interested in opening up your data via OAI,
> by all means, go for it!  That's what the OAI plugins were created for.
> It's not clear from sites like oaister.org and openarchives.org what
> their requirements are for a data contributor, and having been involved
> only within an institutional setting I don't know about "the average Dr.
> Joe", but I think you'll find as long as you provide an OAI-conforming
> repository you won't run into a lot of friction.
> Happy hacking,
> Gabe
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>> Hello list,
>> As someone relatively recently aware of OAI, I wondered if
>> there'd been any discussion of solutions to allow relatively
>> normal people to be data providers. Not to imply that the
>> managers of university repositories are abnormal, but the
>> average Joe -- well, the average Dr. Joe who wants to slap
>> his latest article on his Web site and be "OAI-conformant"*.
>> I see there are a few OAI plugins for "normal person" CMSes:
>> WordPress: http://www.wallandbinkley.com/quaedam/?p=50
>> Drupal: http://drupal.org/project/oai2
>> Zope: http://www.pentila.com/produits/ZOpenArchives/
>> Another approach is copy & paste metadata. Creative Commons,
>> for instance, uses Dublin Core properties in its license
>> metadata (e.g. in RDF):
>> http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Implement_Metadata
>> Does anyone have thoughts on OAI for "normal people", e.g.
>> desirability, feasibility, implementations?
>> * For the sake of argument, Dr. Joe isn't archiving in his
>> university's institutional repository because it doesn't have
>> one, there's not a disciplinary repository in his field, etc.
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