[OAI-implementers] DIY OAI: Allowing anyone to be a data provider

Farrell,Gabriel gsf24 at drexel.edu
Wed Sep 26 16:23:47 EDT 2007

Hi Gavin,

Just saw the following message.  If you're interested in such things,
and by the looks of it you are, you might want to stop by #code4lib on
freenode.  Lots of people in there dealing with data-transmission
standards and information-access challenges in all kinds of
environments.  There's also a pretty active code4lib mailing list.

My own opinion is if you're interested in opening up your data via OAI,
by all means, go for it!  That's what the OAI plugins were created for.
It's not clear from sites like oaister.org and openarchives.org what
their requirements are for a data contributor, and having been involved
only within an institutional setting I don't know about "the average Dr.
Joe", but I think you'll find as long as you provide an OAI-conforming
repository you won't run into a lot of friction.

Happy hacking,

Gabriel Farrell
Library Systems Developer
Hagerty Library
Drexel University
gsf24 at drexel.edu
+1 215 895 1871 

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> Hello list,
> As someone relatively recently aware of OAI, I wondered if 
> there'd been any discussion of solutions to allow relatively 
> normal people to be data providers. Not to imply that the 
> managers of university repositories are abnormal, but the 
> average Joe -- well, the average Dr. Joe who wants to slap 
> his latest article on his Web site and be "OAI-conformant"*.
> I see there are a few OAI plugins for "normal person" CMSes:
> WordPress: http://www.wallandbinkley.com/quaedam/?p=50
> Drupal: http://drupal.org/project/oai2
> Zope: http://www.pentila.com/produits/ZOpenArchives/
> Another approach is copy & paste metadata. Creative Commons, 
> for instance, uses Dublin Core properties in its license 
> metadata (e.g. in RDF):
> http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Implement_Metadata
> Does anyone have thoughts on OAI for "normal people", e.g. 
> desirability, feasibility, implementations?
> * For the sake of argument, Dr. Joe isn't archiving in his 
> university's institutional repository because it doesn't have 
> one, there's not a disciplinary repository in his field, etc.
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