[OAI-implementers] trouble registering a static repository

claudio barchesi claudio.barchesi at iscima.cnr.it
Wed Sep 21 05:26:51 EDT 2005

"Archeologia e Calcolatori - Published Articles"  uses Patrick
Hochstenbach's gateway at U. Ghent.
It works fine. In effect, and unfortunately, at present there are not so
much Gateways around.
Our repository is based on a Access database, capable to convert its tables
in xml static repository format by a Visual Basic script.
We have also added some other services to our project, to allow Google
indexing and a local search interface. It works.
http://soi.cnr.it/archcalc/Bibliografia_new.htm. Now we are going to insert
more digital resources in the shared collection, at present listing about
400 DC metadata records, but only ten allowable resources, that OAIster
harvested succesfully. I suggest You to contact Patrick Hochstenbach that
surely could help You, as he kindly did with us.
Best regards,

Claudio Barchesi
Istituto di Studi sulle Civiltà Italiche e del Mediterraneo Antico
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
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Subject: [OAI-implementers] trouble registering a static repository

> Hello,
> We've developed a static repository containing records for the films
> made available through www.folkstreams.net. The xml repository document
> resides at: http://www.folkstreams.net/oai/static_repository.xml
> My question is two-fold.
> First, we have been able to identify only two static repository gateways
> that will allow us to register our repository: OLAC and the
> demonstration gateway at http://libtest.lanl.gov/. Our content is not
> language-related, so OLAC is not appropriate. We are unclear about the
> scope/purpose of the demonstration gateway. Is it there for permenant
> use by any repository, or is it just meant for testing purposes?
> Finally, is there a central listing of static repository gateways
> somewhere that we have missed?
> Second, we have tried to register our respository with the demonstration
> gateway at http://libtest.lanl.gov/ and receive a message that our
> repository is not a valid repository.
> We've tested our repository against the schema and it validates, so we
> have had trouble identifying why it is not a valid repository.
> If someone could take a look at our repository (
> http://www.folkstreams.net/oai/static_repository.xml ) and let us know
> if you see what could be causing this problem, that would be very helpful.
> Thank you,
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> Kristina M. Spurgin
> Doctoral student, teaching fellow, folkstreams.net grant manager
> School of Information and Library Science
> University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
> kristina at infomuse.net
> http://www.infomuse.net
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