[OAI-implementers] Superscript- and subscript-nodes

Dr. Elmar Haake haake at suub.uni-bremen.de
Tue Sep 20 03:21:00 EDT 2005


Since we are acting as an OAI-Data- and OAI-Service-Provider we are
interested in implementing special characters in our repository.
We guess that it must be possible to implement UTF-8-coded numeric
entities in the OAI2.0-interface. But how is it with superscripted
characters like <sup>2+</sup>?
These characters does not have numeric entities, so I would like to ask
you about this case.

We think, it must be possible to output the node in the way like HTML
(e.g. <sup>2%2B</sup>), because the service-provider could parse them
via XSLT-processor in an own routine.
But the characters "<" and ">" are not URI-encoded, so it would not be
possible to transfer them via the OAI-interface in the described way. If
we encode them, the XSLT-Processor cannot parse it to the HTML-node
(parsing is only possible with nodes beginning with <....>, not with
So we resides in a dilemma. As a possible solution we think about
cutting them away. But on this way we would modify the content which is
not optimal for exchanging the metadata.

Has someone of you any experiences or ideas?


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