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eswar madhan eswar_madhan at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 11 00:32:43 EST 2005

Hi all,
I am new to OAI. I am a student. I came across OAI when i was working for my class project. 
www.citeseer.com has a repository of research papers.  They have OAI collection and their harvest url is : http://cs1.ist.psu.edu/cgi-bin/oai.cgi
generally, we can search for papers by searching for keywords. Its time consuming to open each paper, find out if it is of any use and close it, open another paper and so on.
I am trying to write an extension for firefox browser. I will provide a text box where the user can type keywords and i wanted to write an application which gets the records of related papers. the records retreived should have the following format:
 Authorname, Abstract, LoacationURL, Year published.
so that i will add all results to a list box. when the user selects an item in the list, the abstract will be displayed in frame. the user can delete the item from the listbox if he does not find it interesting.
I dont know how to get the records, from the harvest url. I dont want to use database because the extension should be cross platform and if i use some databse application then the user should install that software on his local machine. 
how can i get the records in xml format? 
Is there any ready code for what i'm trying to do? 
Please help me regarding this.
Thank you very much,

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