[OAI-implementers] Seeking pointers to OAI-compliant East Asian scholarly information

Edward Spodick lbspodic at ust.hk
Mon Aug 1 22:12:05 EDT 2005

A couple of us here are planning to play around with an experimental development project involving retrieving data from OAI-compliant repositories and seeing what sort of merging and manipulation of the data we can do.

Specifically, we are looking for pointers to OAI-compliant repositories/collections/compilations of East Asian scholarly information, regardless of language.  These could be institutional repositories, research collections, etc.

We know of some, but would welcome additional suggestions or pointers to ones we might otherwise overlook.

Thanks for any help you can provide.  This should be fun.  :)

Edward F Spodick, Information Technology Manager
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Library
lbspodic at ust.hk  tel:852-2358-6743 fax:852-2358-1043

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