[OAI-implementers] Beta OAI-PMH specification re rights pertaining to metadata

Simeon Warner simeon at cs.cornell.edu
Tue Nov 30 09:22:13 EST 2004

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 chas at uchicago.edu wrote:
> > We hereby solicit public feedback on the specification. We aim to
> > release the specification by the end of 2004, and therefore request
> > feedback by the end of November 2004. Please send your comments to
> > the oai-implementers list <oai-implementers at openarchives.org>.
> leaving the specification aside, i don't know whether i should feel
> concerned that the examples show only creative commons examples. (i
> looked at creative commons before formulating the rights statement we
> use, and didn't find a combination that covered the rights i wanted to
> express.)

I don't think you should be concerned about the use of Creative Commons
(CC) examples (unless perhaps you have some ideological hatred of CC).
CC was chosen as a simple example which is relevant to a number of OAI-PMH
users; the specification allows any other XML rights expression language
to be included. The introduction says:

"The described technique:
  - ...
  - Is not tied to any particular rights expression language. Examples
  throughout this document make use of Creative Commons licenses, but the
  use of this specific language is for illustrative purposes only."

We are currently working with ODRL folks on guidelines in the use of ODRL
rights expressions within the OAI context.


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