[OAI-implementers] static repository status

Thomas G. Habing thabing@uiuc.edu
Wed, 10 Mar 2004 15:46:30 -0600

Kat Hagedorn wrote:

> Hello,
> Could someone tell me the status of the OAI Static Repository? I get a 
> couple requests each week from people who don't have the resources to 
> become full-fledged data providers. I would like to point them to a 
> place where they can drop their XML files, but I gather this doesn't 
> officially exist yet.
> Thanks,
> - Kat
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Hi Kat,

We also have an alpha/beta level implementation of an OAI Static Repository 
Gateway which is available on SourceForge:


It is implemented as an IIS Active Server Page (ASP) script.

Currently it is being used to gateway one repository:


However, we would be willing to act as a gateway for other collections.  We 
are not currently responding to the 'initiate' request (Section 3.3 of the 
spec.), so if you have a collection you would like to be added, you should 
send me an email with the URL to the static XML file, and I will make sure 
it validates and add it to the gateway if it does.

This is still an experimental implementation, so the usual caveats apply, 
but we do intend on keeping it running for the foreseeable future, probably 
with some downtime to introduce changes or fixes as the spec evolves.

Thomas Habing
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