[OAI-implementers] static repository status

herbert van de sompel herbertv@lanl.gov
Wed, 10 Mar 2004 13:28:19 -0700

Kat Hagedorn wrote:
> Hello,
> Could someone tell me the status of the OAI Static Repository? I get a 
> couple requests each week from people who don't have the resources to 
> become full-fledged data providers. I would like to point them to a 
> place where they can drop their XML files, but I gather this doesn't 
> officially exist yet.

We are finalizing the Static Repository specification at this very moment. 
Feedback from the NSDL community suggested the inclusion of a mechanism to 
"unregister" a Static Repository from a Static Repository Gateway.  We are 
looking into accomodating that need.

When it comes to a "place to drop" XML files (we refer to that spot as a Static 
Repository Gateway):

(1) There is LANL-created software available to create such spots (see 
http://srepod.sourceforge.net/ )

(2) LANL operates a demo version of such a spot (see 
http://libtest.lanl.gov/cgi-bin/gateway.cgi ).  However, this is for demo 
purposes only; we have no intention of running a production version.

I invite you to install and operate our Static Repository Gateway software at 

many greetings


> Thanks,
> - Kat
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