[OAI-implementers] VRA in OAI-PMH

Jose Borbinha jose.borbinha at bn.pt
Tue Jun 29 05:52:06 EDT 2004

FYI, it the National Library of Portugal we have used OAI with UNIMARC in
several internal and european projects.
The experience had shown us the obvious: if we want to expose records for
simple resource discovery services, DC works fine, but if you want to share
the records for more complex purposes (browsing services, re-usage for
cataloguing - such as we are doing in our national project for thesis and
dissertations, were we are using a national schema, etc.) you'll need to use
other richer formats. Another exanple is if the European project LEAF, where
several partners are exposing EAC records (Encoding Archival Context) by OAI
for a commom central service.

josé borbinha

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Hi Will,

You've touched on an issue that is coming up in various forums....

I think that your assumptions are correct - Dublin Core and variations of 
Dublin Core are the most used schemas. MARC is used a fair amount as well, 
though I don't know of many service providers that are making use of the 
MARC records (please correct me if I'm wrong). OLAC (the Open Language 
Archive Community) has adapted Dublin Core (beyond the dcterms list) to 
meet their particular needs (see 
for more information). Also, there are probably closed systems where 
schemas other than Dublin Core are being used.

There have been more conversations among service providers - particularly 
those within the Digital Library Federation - recently about the need to 
actively encourage the use of metadata schemas in addition to Dublin Core. 
Dublin Core is useful in so far that it provides a -somewhat- common 
denominator, but we at Illinois and other service providers have found that 
DC use is so variant that it takes significant resources to normalize it 
and massage it into a useful form. If data providers would provide their 
native metadata schema as well as DC (to be conformant) we could 
potentially make better use of it. Even qualified DC provides more useful 
semantics than simple DC.


At 10:07 AM 6/28/2004, will.sexton at duke.edu wrote:

>Thanks for the replies about the UIUC registry listing -- my synapses
>failed to register the "Distinct Metadata Schemas" link on the page there,
>this Monday morning :)
>FWIW, the American Numismatic Society's vra output seems to have a rogue
>"</dc>"  tag in it that prevents the xml from validating.
>I've turned up a certain amount of discussion among visual resources
>curators and the cultural heritage community about the use of OAI for VRA
>metadata, but the practice doesn't seem to have caught on.  I'm just
>curious now, but this question comes to mind.  Are there any communities,
>which have their own metadata standards aside from Dublin Core, into which
>OAI has diffused broadly?  Eprints and ETD's seem to have adopted OAI,
>with the use of Dublin Core.  But are there any specialties with
>established metadata practices and their own, non-DC, standards where OAI
>has significantly caught on?
>Please feel free to correct gently any mistaken assumptions of mine, in
>asking this question.
>On Mon, 28 Jun 2004, Sarah L. Shreeves wrote:
> > Will --
> >
> > It looks like the American Numismatic Society is using VRA Core. I took
> > look at the distinct metadata schemas report on the UIUC registry
> > (http://gita.grainger.uiuc.edu/registry/ListSchemas.asp) and then did a
> > search for vra.
> >
> > The details for the American Numismatic Society are here:
> > http://gita.grainger.uiuc.edu/registry/details.asp?id=469
> >
> > It also looks like there's a test archive here:
> > http://gita.grainger.uiuc.edu/registry/details.asp?id=204
> >
> > Sarah
> > 
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> >
> > At 09:29 AM 6/28/2004, will.sexton at duke.edu wrote:
> >
> > >Does anyone know of any live examples of OAI providers that serve
> > >in the Visual Resources Association Core Categories (VRA)?  I've done
> > >browsing through the OAI registries at UIUC and openarchives.org but
> > >turned up nothing so far.
> > >
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