[OAI-implementers] dc metadata question

Fiona Bathgate f.bathgate at unsw.edu.au
Sun Jun 20 23:10:39 EDT 2004

Dear OAI-implementers,

Looking at the OAI-PMH examples in XML at:
example number 2,  line  10

<dc:subject>LCSH:Ausdehnungslehre; LCCN QA205.H99</dc:subject>

has the schemes LCSH LCCN embedded in the xml.

I had thought that schemes because they are 'qualifiers' are not 
OAI-PMH compliant.
If i want to specify schemes in a metadata set that will be OAI-PMH 
compliant how would i do this? My metadata set will consist of a 
number of elements from the 15 UDC metadata elements set. Other 
schemes i wish to specify, besides LCSH for DC.subject, would be 
W3CDTF for DC.date, RFC3066 for DC.language, URI  for DC.identifier 
for example

thanks in advance
Fiona Bathgate

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