[OAI-implementers] OAI compliant data provider for Plone or Zope?

Imre Simon is at ime.usp.br
Sat Jul 24 18:17:06 EDT 2004

Hi everybody,

we are building a kind of a PloneFarm for a big Brazilian Science
Foundation (Fapesp). The idea is that we have projects, like in
SourceForge (actually we are also running a Gforge server, integrated
with the Plone service), and that each projects receives a full Plone
site to develop its home page. If anyone is interested to have a look,
please visit these URLs:

  Home page of the web service, under beta-testing right now

  Project Plonetarium (software implementing the Plone interface)
  An international community dedicated to discuss Museums
  A group dedicated to translate a Python book published under GNU FDL
  A germ of a wine encyclopedia (the beverage) built with a wiki,
  trying to emulate wikipedia's functionality 
I am sorry to say, but all the documentation, as well as the projects
themselves we have so far, is in Portuguese :-(

Anyway, this being a Science Foundation, where the service is to be
used by the research projects being supported, the idea of having a
built-in OAI compliant data provider came up a couple of days
ago. Each project would upload their publications on their own page
and fill out the corresponding OAI meta-data for each
publication. Then the server could either just make available all the
meta-data of all projects in an OAI compliant way or it could also
provide a unified vision of the whole digital library, including
comprehensive searches, comprehensive browsing etc.

Well, my question is this: does anyone know of some existing software
for the Zope and/or Plone platforms which could either implement or at
least facilitate our implementation of these ideas?

Is there an OAI compliant data provider (like eprints or Dspace or
CDSware) implemented on top of Zope or Plone?

I would appreciate any information you might have to help us.

I just want to add that all the software involved in the project is
free software.


Imre Simon

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