[OAI-implementers] harvester tools

Kat Hagedorn khage at umich.edu
Tue Jul 20 14:15:55 EDT 2004

Hello all,

We are investigating switching to a different harvester tool and 
thought that a good first step would be to poll this list about their 
use of harvesters.

If you harvest OAI records:

1. What harvester tool do you use? Version number?

2. Are you pleased with the tool? What do you like and not like about 

Please send responses directly to me and I'll summarize for the list. 
(Anonymously if preferred.)

- Kat

Kat Hagedorn
OAIster/Metadata Harvesting Librarian
DLXS Bibliographic Class Coordinator
DLXS Text Class Collections Co-coordinator
Digital Library Production Service
University of Michigan

email: khage at umich.edu
phone: 734-615-7618

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