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To handle digital objects with hierarchy (we refer them as complex digital
objects) in OAI framework, this is what we have explored.

1. Use richer metadata (parallel metadata set) to represent a complex
digital object.

2. Map the richer metadata set to oai_dc, in our case it is metadata
associated with the root node in the complex digital object hierarchy. In
the mapped DC, we also embed a URL pointing to the complex digital object.
This URL is basically pointing to a service that can present the complex
object to a user, in our case it is an applet that allows users to navigate
the complex object hierarchy and download individual files.


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I am relatively new to OAI and going to set up a simple Data Provider
for different kind of publications. Many publications consist of
different parts in different file formats and publication types but
I do not know how to deal with them. For instance:

Title: All about nothing
Author: Mr. Smith
     PowerPoint Source: all-about-nothing.slides.ppt
     PDF Output:        all-about-nothing.slides.pdf
     OpenOffice Source: all-about-nothing.paper.ooo
     RTF Exchange:      all-about-nothing.paper.rtf
     PDF Output:        all-about-nothing.paper.pdf

I thought about several possibilities:
- All files are one document with several dc:indentifier
   for each file (information about type and format is lost)
- Each file is one document (much duplication)
- Create sets for each publication and type (more sets than

How do you store information about hierarchical
document-relationship? For instance an article (with several
versions, types and formats) can be part of a book that
is part of a series and so on.

Thanks for your comments!

Jakob Voß

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