[OAI-implementers] Re: Reconsidering mandatory DC in OAI-PMH

Gordon Paynter gordon.paynter@ucr.edu
Sun, 10 Aug 2003 15:17:43 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

I've come late to this discussion, but I want to record my strong
preference for retaining the oai_dc requirement.

I've found the arguments made in favour of retaining the oai_dc very
convincing.  Most objections seem to misunderstand the reason oai_dc is
there, IMHO, which is to provide basic interoperability.

Many people have pointed out that they use OAI-PMH internally (as do I)
with their own schemas (as do I) and have no use for oai_dc (nor do I); or
that oai_dc does not accurately represent their resources; or that it
misrepresents their work.  I think these are reasonable objections, but
not worth sacrificing the inherent interoperability that oai_dc gives us

In cases like these, I'd suggest returning empty or near-empty records to
oai_dc requersts.  The fields are optional, after all. If a client
requires more complex information, they can request a different metadata