[OAI-implementers] Re: Reconsidering mandatory DC in OAI-PMH

Thomas Krichel krichel@openlib.org
Sat, 9 Aug 2003 06:51:42 -0500

  Ann Apps writes

> My opinion on DC within OAI-PMH is that it should be retained as
> either mandatory or very-strongly-recommended. Because it provides
> basic interoperability at a simple resouce description/discovery
> level. Most resouces will have a title and identifiers.
  Yes, but what services are you going to provide with such 

> Some of the discussion I've seen over the last day or so incline me
> to think that the use of simple DC in oai_dc is already being used
> with an assumption of qualified DC restrictions for some elements.
> Which inclines me to wonder if OAI-PMH should include some
> recommendation for oai_qdc as well.

  DCMI should do that.


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