[OAI-implementers] DSpace OAI-PMH Support Testers

Tansley, Robert robert.tansley@hp.com
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 08:30:36 -0700

Hi all,

Hopefully, we've sorted out all the OAI-PMH issues with DSpace for the next release of the system.  The Unicode problems should be fixed, and we now support resumption tokens.

We've put up a beta version, and would really appreciate it if one or more people could have a go at harvesting it to make sure any problems are ironed out.  The data is not 'real' data so you probably won't want it to show in your end user's searches!


Please reply to me directly if you find any errors or problems.  If you find that everything works fine I'd like to know too!

Thanks all,

 Robert Tansley / Hewlett-Packard Laboratories / (+1) 617 551 7624