[OAI-implementers] implement a repository

Imre Simon is@ime.usp.br
Thu, 3 Apr 2003 16:57:56 -0300

We have a wiki site dedicated to eprints/OAI questions. It is almost
empty right now but it is planned to be a companion site to an
institutional eprints server we are installing (and which also is
almost empty right now). This wiki is going to run in Portuguese
mainly but if you think it might be helpful to develop the FAQ alluded
to, please feel free to use it at will. Even if it is just for an
experiment or as a temporary test site.

The eprints server is here:


The companion wiki is here:


If you think this is a good idea, please let me know. We will make the
necessary changes to the Home Page so as to announce the FAQ in
construction (in English).

Suggestions are welcome.


Imre Simon

> Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 14:44:41 +0100
> From: Tim Brody <tim@tim.brody.btinternet.co.uk>
> To: Hussein Suleman <hussein@cs.uct.ac.za>
> CC: oai-implementers@oaisrv.nsdl.cornell.edu
> Subject: Re: [OAI-implementers] implement a repository
> > ps should we have something like this - maybe a flowchart - in the FAQ?
> Set up a Wiki and it would be relatively easy to create as questions 
> crop up, e.g.:
> Q1. Are you adding OAI-PMH support to an existing repository system, or 
> creating a repository from scratch?
> Yes [Link to next q.]
> No [Link to next q.]
> ...
> As an aside, I found Simeon's tutorial very useful - perhaps he could 
> re-visit it for OAI 2?
> All the best,
> Tim.