[OAI-implementers] implement a repository

Hussein Suleman hussein@cs.uct.ac.za
Thu, 03 Apr 2003 13:22:06 +0200

hi Luis

if you already have a collection of metadata and/or data using digital 
library software such as EPrints, DSpace or Greenstone for 
management/access, then you must look at the documentation for that 
software for how to activate the OAI interface.

if you already have a collection of metadata and/or data, but the 
software to manage/access the collection is largely home-grown (e.g., a 
bunch of Web scripts/applications) or does not already support the 
OAI-PMH, then you or a developer of the software needs to write code to 
implement the OAI-PMH specification for your collection - the spec is on 
the OAI website and isn't too complicated to get up and running if you 
know a bit about Web applications.

if you have the metadata and/or data but aren't using any software to 
manage it, then may i recommend looking at EPrints (www.eprints.org) and 
Greenstone (www.nzdl.org) as possible candidates. there are lots of 
other packages, but if you want a widely-used standalone package with 
OAI support, these may be a good starting point. alternatively, look at 
the OAI website and you will find little tools to make 
"mini-repositories", e.g., the "OAI Static Repository" for repositories 
that don't change over time and the "XML File-based Repository" for 
repositories where each metadata object is a single (usually XML) file.

lastly, if you have neither the data nor the software already, i suggest 
that you determine the requirements for your repository, and then adopt 
an existing package (e.g., EPrints, Greenstone, DSpace, CDSWare, 
GaneshaDL, ...) to manage your digital library.


now if you need help on how to write code for an OAI interface, i would 
suggest looking at the tutorials that are available on OAI-PMH. if you 
go through the OAI's website, there is an older article by Simeon Warner 
linked from the "Documents/OAI-related papers" page. (if someone has 
newer material, please post links). i also have slides from last year's 
JCDL tutorial on practical implementation of the protocol - these can be 
found at:

hope this info helps.


ps should we have something like this - maybe a flowchart - in the FAQ?

Luis Alberto de Quadros wrote:
> Hi,
> i'm starting with OAI-PMH. I studied a lot the docs existing in the 
> OAI's site, but i didn't found any information about how to start 
> implement a repository.
> I would like to know if somebody can tell me how to start and where can 
> i get these informations.
> Thanks a lot !
> Luis Quadros

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