[OAI-implementers] OPEN ACCESS TO HIDDEN RESOURCES (Information Resource: Registration of Repositories)!

jingyuan wang jingyuan.wang@rz.hu-berlin.de
Mon, 28 Oct 2002 16:41:32 +0100

With apologies to those who may receive this announcement on more than
one mailing list.

The Open Archives Forum provides a Europe-based focus for dissemination
information about European activity related to open archives and, in
particular, to
the Open Archives Initiative. The aim of the Forum is to facilitate
clustering of IST
projects, national initiatives and other parties interested in the open
approach. In order to do so, OA-Forum brings interested parties together
to build a
community of interest, enable exchange of information and establish a
European information source for open archives. In addition, OA-Forum
comparative reviews of technical and organisational issues. OA-Forum is
funded as an accompanying measure within the Information Societies
Technology (IST) Programme, a theme of the European Union's Fifth
Framework Programme managed by the Information Society
Directorate-General of the European Commission. The partners of OAF are:

University of Bath-UKOLN (United Kingdom), Istituto di Elaborazione
Informazione-CNR (Italy) and Computing Center of Humboldt University

All repositories(Data Providers) that use an open archives approach,
have started metadata initiatives or have developed  appropriate
software can register themselves using our web-based interface
http://www.oaforum.org/oaf_db/register/add_repository.php .

With these forms you have the opportunity to announce your repository,
contact persons and their responsible organisations. You can also give
the specifications for the arrangement of your repository, to structure
and contents of your collection and to the software you use. You can
also indicate if you have a project, that deals with open archives.

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