[OAI-implementers] Beta Release: DOG - The Dienst Open-Archive Gateway

terry harrison tharriso@cs.odu.edu
Fri, 3 May 2002 21:21:48 -0400 (EDT)

Beta Release: DOG - The Dienst 4.1  Open-Archive 1.1  Gateway

I am happy  to announce  the Beta release of DOG - The Dienst (4.1) to
Open-Archive (1.1) Gateway for community evaluation.  This project was
built with the support of Mohammad Zubair (ODU) and Dr. Michael Nelson

Test Site:      http://www.cs.odu.edu/~tharriso/DOG/gateway.html

The purpose of DOG is to make it possible for OAI enabled services to make
requests to, and permit harvesting of, any archive that supports Dienst
4.1 protocol requests, by using OAI 1.1 formatted requests. This service
may be used to make OAI calls to any Dienst archive. This service is
offered to the digital library community at large and may be called
remotely (to our server at ODU), or may be installed locally (at
conclusion of Beta review).

1.  Permits OAI calls to Dienst servers that support Dienst 4.1 protocol
2.  Handles all OAI 1.1 verb request and all verb arguments.
    example: "until" argument implemented ( where no equivalent exists in
    Dienst 4.1)
3.  Requests for records (GetRecord) may be made with either Dienst
    formatted handle or OAI formatted  identifier.
4.  Handles archives that contain multiple repository identifiers.

Basic Request Format

Dog has been tested on:

The URL at the top of this message will take you to the DOG Test Site.
Your feedback is welcomed.  

The goal of this project is to create a gateway between OAI 1.1 protocol
and the Dienst 4.1 Protocol. It is worthy to note that the scope of this
gateway is limited to scope of the OAI protocol and does not include
auxiliary services that may exist within a Dienst framework. 

DOG has been written in JAVA and will be available (after BETA testing) to
interested parties, as a tar file, for optional local implementation. It
is not necessary to install DOG locally, as calls may be made it directly
as currently implemented at ODU. It is currently being run on a BETA
server at Old Dominion University, and will more to a more permanent
location at the conclusion of BETA testing.   

I look forward to your comments,

Terry Harrison

Email: tharriso@cs.odu.edu
Personal Home Page: http://www.cs.odu.edu/~tharriso/index.html