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Francois Schiettecatte francois@fsconsult.com
Mon, 18 Mar 2002 23:03:01 -0500


I am putting together a search engine for a selected number of OAI metadata
databases. Below is the news item I posted to the OAI web site:

my.OAI is a full-featured search engine to a selected list of metadata
databases from the Open Archives Initiative project. my.OAI can be
tailored by the user to suit individual interests and provides the
following features: Forms based query formulation; Automatic display of
summaries when viewing search results; Automatic display of similar
document when viewing a document; Automatic mark-up of retrieved
document with search links; Search history; Saving searches for later
re-use (with an SDI option); Saving document in folders. The user
interfaces is not yet complete, user account creation still needs to be
added in, but we are making it available now so that we can get feedback
on the functionality from users.

The URL to the search engine is:


I am releasing this before I have fully finished the functionality to get
feedback/comments/suggestions from people. Hopefully I will have the account
creation done in a couple of week's time.



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