[OAI-implementers] NASA's NACA techreports server OAI2.0 implementation complete (in addition to LTRS server)

terry harrison tharriso@cs.odu.edu
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 11:30:54 -0400 (EDT)

OAI 2.0 upgrades have just been completed for NASA's NACA techreport
OAI interface.  This follows last weeks upgrade of the NASA LTRS
techreport OAI interface  (that earlier announcement is included below).

The NACA techreports server contains approximately 7,500 aeronautical
technical reports from 1917 to 1958. 
You can access the NACA techreport's OAI interface  at:


Technical Reports (Content) and futher information about the NACA
techreports is available at:


Sample technical report from 1917:

(This is an incredible repository of early aeronautical techreports,
 and I encourage you to take a look at it, even if this is not your
 field.  It makes me feel really good to be a part of making this 
 valuable historic content available at the site above, as well as
 making the metadata available through the OAI interface ).


Terry Harrison
NASA/Langley Graduate Summer Scholar
Old Dominion University

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On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, terry harrison wrote:

> I have just completed upgrading NASA's LTRS techreports server to the new
> OAI 2.0 Protocol.  Testers are welcome to give the system a try and I
> welcome everyone's feedback.
> My next project will be to upgrade the OAI implementation on NASA's NACA
> techreports server as well, so again I welcome you LTRS feedback.
> I have tried to format the error message content so they provide useful
> details, rather than vague error messages.
> -------------------------------------------------
> You can try the LTRS techreports server at:
> http://techreports.larc.nasa.gov/ltrs/oai2.0/
> -------------------------------------------------
> What I really like about the techreports servers is that they utilize
> Bucket technology developed by Dr. Michael Nelson, to provide intelligent 
> storage containers for our digital objects.
> One of the added values here is that you may easily retrieve the OAI2.0
> implementation source code. Here is an example of the format of such a
> request: (BTW: code is in PERL)
> -------------------------------------------------
> Source code for a particular verb: (ie: Identify or your verb of choice)
> http://techreports.larc.nasa.gov/ltrs/oai2.0/?method=list_source&target=Identify
> -------------------------------------------------
> Source code for LTRS specific implementation: (contains error handling, etc)
> http://techreports.larc.nasa.gov/ltrs/oai2.0/?method=display&pkg_name=oai&element_name=oai.pl
> -------------------------------------------------
> So now you can get a peak at the code.  All feedback welcome.
> regards,
> Terry Harrison
> LARSS Summer Student
> NASA/Langley
> Old Dominion University