[OAI-implementers] crosswalks out there?

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Dear Jody:

We have been working on a similar project where we are developing a visual
tool that can be deployed on a Non-OAI compliant archive. This tool can be
used to define the mapping visually from the native format to oai_dc
format, and once this is done the tool can accept OAI request and on fly
convert the native format to oai_dc. The tool is self contained, it comes
with a light-weight http server and OAI request handler and is written in
Java. We have tried this tool for rfc1807 format.

Please note that this work is still in progress and the code is currently
not packaged nicely for easy distribution. However, If you are interested
in trying this out, we can work with you in setting up the tool at your
site to try it out.


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Hi folks, this is off the subject...

  One of the projects I've been asked to take a look at is
the feasibility of translating current formats of digitized
metadata into OAI-compliant records on the fly, for a search
engine to be used at/for one or more repositories.  This is
basically for folks who have *not* set up OAI-compliant
repositories, but who want to share their metadata via the
OAI harvesters (or other search engines) in OAI format.

  If you know of anyone working on a similar project--- or if
you know of existing translaters out there, please send me a contact
URL or email address.  If you yourself *have* such a translater in
use at your repository, please contact me and tell me how you
went about implementing it.
  Also, if you might be interested in making use of such a
translater, please tell me what format your files are currently in--
and if possible, send me a sample.


 --Jody DeRidder
   SunSITE Programmer
   University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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