[OAI-implementers] Universal Identifiers

Thomas Krichel thomas.krichel@liu.edu
Fri, 9 Feb 2001 15:45:14 -0500

  ePrints Support writes

> Does anyone know of a system for assigning unqique identifiers to 
> other cromulent entities such as people (creators), institutions
> and/or anything else you might want to uniquely identify in an
> archives metadata.

  In the RePEc project, we have extensive collections of such
  data and all of them have persistent identifiers. However the
  solution that we adopt are local to RePEc. But it works well
  in user services.

  In addition, Simeon and I are working on an academic metadata
  format. This will not by itself solve the identification problem,
  (it can not, really)  but it will allow you to use identified authors
  and institution in a straightforwared way in your metadata set.
  You are welcome to join our small team and work on this. We should
  have a test version out soon.

  Finally, and most importantly,  there is the OAI meeting on
  certification in Geneva.  I expect that such registration aspects
  will be discussed there.


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