[OAI-implementers] From the University of Cape Town

Gina Paihama folgadaunica at gmail.com
Fri May 22 11:19:20 EDT 2009

To whom it may concern

Good day
My name is Jorgina Paihama, I'm a student at the University of Cape Town
(UCT) in South Africa. I'm doing my masters in Computer Science - Digital
As part of my research I'm doing a study in interoperability protocols, I
would like to find all possible information them. I have read all the
documentation on OAI-PMH/ORE (as I plan to implement a prototype of the
protocol) and I found a lot of useful information and now I would like to
hear form OAI implementers, how was their experience in implementing this
protocol, the general idea, tips, preferred features, unused features,
constrains/limitations if any, basically anything they have to say about
your experience with bothe PMH and ORE. Is there a forum where i can discuss
the implementation process with other members.

The issue of interoperability is new to me and I need all the help I can
get, but obviously there is the time issue because of the deadlines,
therefore I request that you reply to me as soon as possible.

Thank You
Jorgina Paihama
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