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Herbert Van de Sompel herbertv at lanl.gov
Sun Nov 19 12:31:26 EST 2006

Robert Forkel wrote:
> On 11/19/06, *Herbert Van de Sompel* <herbertv at lanl.gov 
> <mailto:herbertv at lanl.gov>> wrote:
>     (2) A facet of the problem domain that unAPI covers has been explored in
>     other contexts.  A generic formulation of that problem could be (if I
>     dare) "How to obtain (in an interoperable manner) a manifest of all
>     available Representations of a Resource" (to use W3C Web architecture
>     language). 
> well, i'm aiming at something much lower ...

Yes, I understand that now and my apologies for my unwieldy response 
that put the issue in a broader perspective.

If I am not mistaken, I think a major immediate aim that you have is to 
make your journal article metadata Zotero-extractable from your HTML 
pages.  In this case you might want to check out the COinS work 
<http://ocoins.info/>, by some of the same people who did unAPI.  If I 
am not mistaken Zotero eats COinS. The COinS stuff also integrates 
nicely with browser plug-ins to point to OpenURL Resolvers.



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