[OAI-implementers] Requesting a part of a record possible wit h OAI-OMH?

Joachim Wackerow wackerow@zuma-mannheim.de
Fri, 23 Jan 2004 17:26:56 +0100

Hussein and Tim,

thank you for clarifying this point.
Perhaps this should become a entry in the FAQ.


Hussein Suleman wrote:

> hi
> just wanted to reply to one specific issue - where you ask if two new 
> "Part" verbs should not be considered for a new OAI-PMH version.
> the current OAI-PMH is very popular largely because lots of prospective 
> features were thrown out (during development of the protocol) to keep 
> things simple - thus making implementation easier, faster and more 
> accurate.
> the principle adopted was that PMH transfers data - raw data - and thats 
> it. anything more interesting than raw data transfer should be viewed as 
> a different "value-added" service provided by a repository or service 
> provider. in all likelihood, if there ever is a newer version of PMH, it 
> will still do only raw data transfer :)
> i should also add that Tim's solution (DC records to describe data, with 
> pointers to actual data) is something we implemented at VT a few years 
> ago for data similar to yours (large files of XML-encoded numerical data).
> ttfn,
> ----hussein