[OAI-implementers] persistent IDs: DOI vs Handle

Eva Müller eva.muller at ub.uu.se
Tue Dec 28 08:31:59 EST 2004


there is a report on PI from a workshop organized by Erpanet in which some of
this issues are discussed.

Direct link to the final report is:


Citerar Jewel Ward <jewelw at usc.edu>:

> Many thanks to all of you who responded both online and offline.
> Just some responses to a few of the comments/suggestions.
> (1) Yes, I understand that Handle vs DOI is technically a non-issue.  
> The issue with this is policy/overall infrastructure/cost, which is, 
> IMO, a stickier issue to wade through, hence my asking for advice on 
> *how* it was waded thru by others on this list.
> (2) I do understand the difference between an OAI-PMH metadata record ID 
> and the item ID.  Really.  If I didn't at this point, I think both 
> Michael Nelson AND Herbert Van de Sompel would petition UNC-CH to 
> nullify/take back my master's degree.  ;-)
> The problem is that currently I have a multi-media archive, but will 
> eventually integrate into the current archive an Institutional 
> Repository (which will contain both multi-media and text-based items).  
> For the IR text-based content, I'd prefer to have DOIs.  But the overall 
> DOI/Handle is not for multi-media (per the DOI web site) and as I am in 
> Los Angeles at a school heavily involved in the movie industry, I can't 
> exactly ignore that.  Which means I should look elsewhere than 
> Handle/DOI for a persistent ID scheme to cover all objects (which I 
> did), or use multiple persistent ID schemas for different formats (which 
> sounds like a real pain and I considered for a nanosecond).  I've seen 
> use of Handles for multi-media content (LC, DSpace) so in spite of what 
> the DOI web site says, in application, it doesn't seem to be a problem.
> As one person caught...yes, we have multiple .gifs of different sizes 
> for each .tiff image (the .tiff rendition is not available to the 
> public) tied to one metadata record with one unique (USC-centric) ID for 
> the "unique item" and one unique ID for the metadata record (to be added 
> in the OAI DP implementation).   We want to take the USC-centric unique 
> ID and make it persistent outside our universe here. :-)
> I did seriously look at ARK, also, but...have recommended to my 
> colleagues at USC that we go with DOI, and that recommendation has been 
> accepted.
> Happy Holidays to you all.
> Regards,
> Jewel
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> Jewel H. Ward
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