[OAI-implementers] Moving records in and out of sets

Hickey,Thom hickey@oclc.org
Mon, 20 Oct 2003 13:08:41 -0400

I didn't notice any responses to this.  I'd say this is a hole in the spec.
If a record changes its set membership, no notification would be given on an
incremental harvest of that set.  I suspect that few are running into this
because 1) set membership tends to be fairly static and 2) most harvesting
is done as full harvests, not incrementally.


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> Subject: [OAI-implementers] Moving records in and out of sets
> Sorry, I have been too busy (too lazy?) to read the spec 
> carefully, but
> someone ask me recently what happens if a harvester uses sets 
> to harvest
> a subset of a collection, and then a record moves in and out 
> of that set.
> I could not work it out from a quick skim read of what I think are the
> relevant sections of the spec.
> If a record starts in the set, it will be harvested.
> If it then is updated so that it no longer belongs to that set, it
> wont be returned in the next harvest - no delete (the record has not
> been deleted), no update (it does not match the set), etc.
> If the record is then updated (but not put back into the set), it will
> not be returned (its not in the set being harvested).
> Then if its updated and put back into the set, the harvest should pick
> it up again as being updated and in the set.
> If it is updated again and removed from the set, then 
> deleted, the harvest
> will not pick it up because it was not in that set when it 
> was deleted.
> Does the above make sense? Is there something I am missing? Or is it
> that records can never change their set membership? (Or is it just
> an unfortunate little aspect of OAI that is not a problem often enough
> to make it worth worrying about?)
> Thanks
> Alan
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