[OAI-implementers] OAIHarvester News

Young,Jeff jyoung@oclc.org
Thu, 19 Sep 2002 09:21:33 -0400

I have a couple of announcements regarding our OAIHarvester software

*	Users of OAIHarvester should download the latest jar file from
r. The new jar contains a fix for a significant bug in the software that
could cause data corruption. I've already contacted users I know about
directly, but there may be others I missed. Users can contact me for
*	I added a new class to the oaiharvester.jar file named OAIReader.
This class provides a simple and familiar Reader interface for Java
programmers to use
OAIReader.html). This is included as an alternative to the Harvester Java
application that already comes with the OAIHarvester package. OAIReader
would be appropriate for people who wanted to integrate OAI harvesting
capability directly into their own Java applications or who wish to write
their own harvester driver rather than use the Harvester application that I



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