[OAI-implementers] question about the implementation of Identify

Mei Ran ran@cs.utk.edu
Mon, 9 Sep 2002 09:39:09 -0400


when I'm trying to implement Identify, I'm not sure if I should just show one 
repository or the whole repositories. For our project, there maybe a lot of 
repositories exists at the same baseURL, I think everything should be same, 
shall I treat same as a whole and give a new repository name, or treat them as 
a whole and show all the repositories' names, or treat them seperately? I 
prefer to look at them as a whole and show all of theirs repositories name. 
But if I do so, how can I follow the Identify response schema?

Is there anyone can give me some help? Thank you very much!


Mei Ran
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Computer Science Dept., Univ. of Tennessee
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