[OAI-implementers] EAD and OAI

Lesli lesli@aztec.lib.utk.edu
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 13:25:00 -0500

We are just beginning to encode some of our manuscript and archive
finding aids in EAD and wish to make them OAI 1.0 compliant at the
outset. Is there anyone out there who has successfully mapped EAD
elements into the unqualified DC elements required by OAI?  We are
working on a script that will do this automatically but don't want to
completely re-invent the wheel if it's already out there.  I realize
that everyone encodes their finding aids somewhat differently but is
there a basic way to map elements from one to the other?

Any input or help would be greatly appreciated.

Lesli Zimmerman
Sr. Technical Metadata Specialist
University of Tennessee Digital Library