[OAI-implementers] Kepler - An OAI Data/Service Provider for the Individual

zubair@notesmail.cs.odu.edu zubair@notesmail.cs.odu.edu
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 10:26:05 -0400

<P>We are pleased to announce Kepler framework, an OAI Data/Service Provide=
r for the Individual. We have a reference implementation for the Kepler fra=
mework that we call a digital library of many &quot;little&quot; publishers=
. In particular, we have &nbsp; implemented:<BR>(a) An easy-to-use archivel=
et that is downloadable and self-installing. The archivelet &nbsp;is an OAI=
 compliant data provider for an individual publisher.<BR>(b) An automated r=
egistration service to support tens of thousands of publishers.<BR>(c) A si=
mple service provider to harvest metadata from archivelets. The service pro=
vider also supports caching.</P><P>The Kepler archivelet is available for W=
indow, Linux, and Unix Operating Systems for download at http://kepler.cs.o=
du.edu/. We encourage you to try out the Kepler archivelet and would apprec=
iate any feedback that you can provide. You can get more information on Kep=
ler from the paper : &nbsp;http://www.dlib.org/dlib/april01/maly/04maly.htm=