[OAI-implementers] Error in Request:GetRecord

Hussein Suleman hussein@vt.edu
Fri, 17 Aug 2001 12:28:14 -0400


> now i have a problem with the GetRecord request, i try to use as
> metadata format xml, and i have defined my xml.xsd, but when i checked in
> Repository Explorer i have an error:

its a very common pitfall ... your XML is in UTF-8 but you have a
Latin-1 entity in your author field ...

  <author>Issa Paola V&aacute;zquez Guti&eacute;rrez</author>

for maximum portability, it is recommended that you convert the Latin-1
entities to Unicode (if you use Perl, as part of my Perl OAI-DP
implementation available from the OAI website there is a Utility.pm
module that addresses lots of XML issues, including this conversion)

ultimately you want to get something like:
  <author>Issa Paola V&#x00E1;zquez Guti&#x00E9;rrez</author>

a cheap alternative is to escape all ampersands to pass the Latin-1
entities unconverted ... but thats cheating :)


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