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Thomas G. Habing thabing@uiuc.edu
Mon, 02 Apr 2001 14:30:08 -0500

Hi all,

We are in the process of evaluating a commercial product called Turbo XML
which has some support for conversion from DTDs (XML and SGML) to XML
Schemas.  The product info can be found at http://www.extensibility.com/.

Attached below is a short report from Robert Ferrer, another developer on
our project, relating his experiences with the product:


XML Authority is part of a suite of tools known collectively as Turbo 
XML.  I found it most useful in using SGML DTDs to jumpstart the creation 
of schemas.  It offers quite a few options in converting one format (DTD, 
for example) into another format (XSD, for example).

The Console component offers batch validation of XML instance and schema 
files.  XML Authority facilitates the authoring of a schema, and XML 
Instance facilitates the creation of an XML document using its schema as a 

I found the suite of tools useful.  The jumpstart feature is very 
useful.  However, once the initial draft of the schema is generated via 
jumpstart, I preferred using a text editor for editing, and relying on 
Console to validate the file.  The tools need to be better integrated into 
a single interface.  I found changes that I made to the file from one 
component are not easily registered by another component.  I found it 
necessary to reload the document after I made a change.

XML Turbo has good potential.  I understand that they'll be releasing a new 
integrated version in the future.

Joe Futrelle wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 12:02:32PM -0500, Joe Futrelle wrote:
> > On Sun, Apr 01, 2001 at 12:45:50PM -0700, Hussein Suleman wrote:
> > > > Does anybody know of a "Howto" for writing OAI schemas, I really don't want
> > > > to spend hours trawling through the incomprehensibility of w3c just to make
> > > > a few tweaks?
> > >
> > > OAI schemas are not particularly special ... so you can just look at
> > > whats generally out there on schemas (which, alas, isnt much) ... ive
> > > found that reading and working from the "XML schema part 0: primer" is
> > > sufficient ...
> >
> > Are there tools that will convert an existing XML DTD into an
> > XML-Schema description?  That would be a good jumpstart for us.
> I found the one at w3 which FWIW is at
> http://www.w3.org/2000/04/schema_hack/
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