[OAI-general] Museums and the Web 2003, March 19-22, 2003

J. Trant jtrant@archimuse.com
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 12:28:25 -0500

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	Museums and the Web 2003
	Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
	March 19-22, 2003

MWW2003 Preliminary Program Available
The MW2003 Preliminary Program is now available. It features over 25 sessions,
7 full-day and 6 half-day pre-conference workshops, and dozens of 
the Crit Room and an on-site Usability Lab. Many thanks to the 
Program Committee
who reviewed almost three times as many proposals as could be 
accepted, and to all those
who proposed to participate.

Registration is Open
On-line registration is now available. Register early to ensure your 
place in limited enrollment workshops.
See http://www.archimuse.com/mw2003/register/

Demonstration Proposal Deadline
Proposals from not-for-profit organizations who wish to demonstrate 
their Web sites will be
accepted through December 15, 2002. Submit your proposal on-line at

Best of the Web
Nominations for the Best of the Web competition are open until 
January 11, 2003. Ensure the
  judges consider your favourite site. Nominate it at 

Exhibit Hall
Design firms, software providers, museum web developers, publishers, 
digital capture houses and others
offering products and services related to Museums and the Web will be 
represented in the Exhibit Hall.
Exhibitor information is available at http://www.archimuse.com/mw2003/exhibit/

Join Us!
MW2003 will be the largest international -- and interdisciplinary -- 
gathering of
professionals involved in creating Web sites for cultural and 
heritage organizations.
Attendees at MW2002 'loved the mix of curators and geeks'
and called it it the 'friendliest, most pertinent conference'.

We hope to see you in Charlotte!

jennifer and David

David Bearman and Jennifer Trant
Co-Chairs, Museums and the Web 2003
Archives & Museum Informatics          mw2003@archimuse.com
158 Lee Avenue, Toronto                ph: +1 416 691 2516
Ontario, M4E 2P3 Canada                fx: +1 416-352-6025

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